Hello and welcome to Puddlehill Beagles breeders of home reared and show beagles.

Our love of beagles started years ago but didn’t get our first beagle until April 2012 when Yoda
came home with us followed by our second beagle Maybel in March 2014.

We have been breeding and showing for a couple of years now but we are still fairly new to it.  We love our dogs and the breed
so hopefully, our time and passion invested in our dogs and the breed means that we will, one day, be up there with the top breeders and exhibitors.  To this end, we look to continually educate ourselves as much as possible.

In 2019 we took the brave step and entered into another breed – Black & Tan American Coonhounds.

We occasionally have puppies available to loving hand-picked family homes.

Meet Us

Meet our three resident beagles, Yoda, Maybel and Wanda along with our new breed addition, Darcey the Black & Tan America Coonhound. Our dogs are part of the family and we're enjoying being owned by beagles & a coonhound! Learn More»


We occasionally have puppies for sale to hand picked loving family homes. Keep up to date on when litters are available by checking this page. Learn More»


We welcome you to get in touch with us, whether it be to learn more about the breed or if you're interested in welcoming a beagle into your home. Learn More»
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